2008 WEB

Client: Creative Time
abstract: A selection of microsites designed for CREATIVETIME programs while working as the innaugural Henry Pinkwater design fellow, 2008–2009.

Programs curated by Mark Beasley and other curatorial staff included Gensis Breyer P Orridge, Malcolm McLaren, Mika Rottenberg, Rameleze, No Bra, David Byrne and many others.

Playing the Building by David Byrne

Hey Hey Glossolalia curated by Mark Beasley featuring identity design by Dexter Sinister

At 44 1/2: Video Art on the MTV HD Screen in Times Square

Drink the New Wine: Artist Dialogues from the Good Folks at Creative Time

Jeremy Deller
It is What it is: Conversations about Iraq

designed while working with Brenden Griffiths

Other Web Design Projects