BEING, 2012
all graphic design elements for a 25th anniversary exhibition for an infamous experimental architecture gallery. thge identity system features a dynamic “living” logo designed to glytch at a regular interval as though it has a pulse


designed with Megan Feehan

We collaborated with the Storefront for Art and Architecture, for their 30-year celebration show, titled Being. The show was an experiment about “being” Storefront in the form of 9 actions. Our prompt from Storefront’s director Eva Franch i Gilabert
was to create an identity that was alive, so we created a typographic system that had something like a pulse, with an on-beat and an off-beat.

The identity is both a rational, high impact graphic that is clearly legible, and also a chaotic graphic form whose extreme instances melt into abstraction. The pulse appears in the print work in randomly selected words within the various program texts. The identity maintains readability and graphic impact, and allows for unique variations to occur. Our black and white palette reduced the message into a more didactic realm, which sat in contrast to the pink, fleshy (brilliantly batshit) exhibition architecture, desgined by Bittertang Farm.

We designed a limited-edition print guide to the exhibition. It used Ultraviolet inks to make the piece come alive only when in the black-light lit areas of the gallery.

Newsprint broadsheets were designed to catalogue the show, and to announce the related conference.  The poster side of the newsprint featured clusters of 3 images (archival, object and environment) that relate Storefront events to each of the nine verbs the exhibition used to express the idea of “Storefront-ness.”

For the exhibition we designed limited-edition Queen duvet set and pillows for the waterbed that appeared in the show. It uses rejection letters of failed grant applications from Storefront’s history— displaying all of the failed ‘dreams’ of past Storefront directors.

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