for Performa NYC, 2019
Design assistance by Phoebe Kerr

Book design for Bodybuilding, edited by Charles Aubin and Carlos Mínguez Carrasco and published by Performa. The publication examines the use of live performance by architects.

The cover design shows the flirtation between performance and architecture through a typographic entanglement expressing how two ways of seeing can intersect in unexpected ways without their individual integrity becoming illegible.

The exaggurated scale of the book (9.5x14in) makes it difficult to fit on a standard sized shelf, especially in book stores and University libraries ¯_(ツ)_/¯ performatively calling attention to itself as an object (see apple for scale).

The book is punctuated by “interstitial” pages, used between essays, interviews and case studies to create rhythm in the narrative flow. These pages foreshadow content in the coming section with large scale halftone imagery, dually designed to create a moment of pause and to recalibrate the eye before moving to the next section.

Chaos and Precision is an Exhaustive, Perpetually Incomplete   Archive of the Graphic Design Practice of  Riley Hooker

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