Liquid Sunshine Distribution (LSD), 2020
LOGO and identity FOR A NATURAL WINE DISTRIBUTION COMPANY, featuring a PSYCHEDELIC liquid monogram which takes full advantage of the “LSD” homonym

for Katarina lopez and ‘los franco

I spent lockdown with two very dear friends named Katarina Lopez and Los Franco, both NYC food industry veterans with a passion for natural wine. Like many of us, we had to create some new rituals to pass the time and to ease the discomfort of the dystopic atmosphere that loomed over most of us that summer of 2020. I started microdosing LSD to ease my own tensions and encourage the neuroplasticity needed to imagine new ways of being during that time. Kati and Los both worked at wine stores and we’d play music for each other, sampling countless wines, pairing them with elaborate meals we prepared together. One night I played a track called Liquid Sunshine by John Cameron, a vibey, soulful (and a bit psycedelic) feeling track from 1973 which really does live up to its name. About 1 year later I was working on the branding for Liquid Sunshine Distribution, only now it was based in Tampa, FL where is there more than enough sun, and not nearly enough natural wine to go around.

The identity is centered around a 3D monogram which I think explains itself? We also brought in photography of various sky gradients to situate the mark in its natural environment. At this stage we also introduced some color variants to the monogram—the idea being that the color will generally stay within a wine related palette, and also has the ability to expand into…pretty much anything else that makes sense with the application at hand.

The monogram also functions as a single-color mark and has a logotype set in Nirvana by the Altiplano foundry, which felt like a natural fit for a business that specializes in high quality small-batch, unpretentious intoxicants.

The final componant was a sun mark, inspired by some old Italian etchings I found when researching historic wine packaging, which harkens back to the “old world” traditions the natural wine movement pulls much of it’s ethos from.

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