1993 Video Timeline, 2013
unsynchonized 12-channel video timeline
composed of over 1200 events from the year 1993

commissioned by the New Museum for Contemporary Art
Design with Megan Feehan

The timeline was designed to be the entry point for the exhibition NYC 1993: Experimental Jetset Trash and No Star, featuring over 1200 events from the year 1993, ranging from popular culture to world affairs. The information was divided across 12 unsynchronized monitors (one for each month) creating a constantly shifting perception of the year. Since cable TV was a dominant form of media in the early 90’s we displayed the videos on monitors from the era.

Events were color-coded into four types:
• US Affairs
• World Affairs
• Pop Culture
• Art & Science

We sourced TV  footage from  1993 via YouTube, populating the timeline with actual content from the era. Each monitor displays a looping video of events from a given month, punctuated by channel-changing static. Because each loop has a different length, the unscripted overlaps between pop culture, global war and political disasters is everchanging. In this regard, the experience of the timeline is both chronological and non-linear.

To accompany the video timeline we also designed a printed version as a takeaway. The publication included the full written timeline in chronological order, printed on cheap newsprint as an homage to the iconic “TV Guides” of the 90s.

post scriptum: This project was the first expression of my interest in spatial design, which has since come more to the forefront of my practice. This was also an important project in terms of my years long collaboration with megan feehan, whose architectural training informs her approach to graphic design, and in turn the work we did together as This is Our Work. It was her idea to use video for this project, and while I don’t believe you can make clean distinction around the ownership of ideas in truly collaborative atmosphere, her influence remains one of the most formative of my career.

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