RE:, 2021
identity system and Motion design for an online video series featuring influential, yet under-appreciated artists in conversation with curator Jarrett Earnest

Motion Design Rad Mora
Sound Design E. Jane

The basis for the identity is formed by putting two disctinct typohgraphies “in conversation” (:P) together. I wanted to explore the more alchemical quality that conversation can provide—how one often doesn’t know something about themsleves until the flow of conversation brings it out. While there is technically a logo for the project, it’s functionally illegible unless paired with a more conventional alphabet. In this sense the identity rejects the use of a singular formal expression in favor of distinct, symbiotic parts.

Various lenses move through the picture plane, refracting and distorting the typography near the edge of the frame—engendering an otherwise monochrome scheme with a spectrum of color. The system becomes polyphonic, dazzling around the periphery, much like the artists who are featured in the series.

POST SCRIPTUM: The series was spear-headed by Jarrett Earnest, with support on the client side from Jeremiah William McCarthy and Jessica Merritt—who gave us carte blanche creative freedom with the design. It was well paid, and eerily smooth at every step of the way. Near the end of the process everyone on the client side of things was either fired, or quit (presumably) in response to the firing. It was in essence too good to be true, however I have to give props to the team for letting the process unfold with unwavering trust and support

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