Recess Analog

Co-design and web development by Rosen Tomov

WEBSITE DESIGN FOR A DIGITAL ARTIST RESIDENCY. the design HIGHLIGHTING THE LABOR OF THE ARTIST OVER THE ARTWORK ITSELF by using a calendar based timecard format to show upload intervals across time.

Website design for Recess Analog, an online residency program offered through Recess Projects. The program aims to highlight the labor of the artist over the ‘work’ or end result of the time spent in the studio.

The visual and structural language borrows from the time card—a format that merges time with labor. We wanted each artists’s unique rhythm of working to become a visual element in the website interface. To achieve this we created a calendar view which showed only the dates each resident uploaded new work, but still left blank spaces in the calendar grid for the days that nothing was uploaded, creating a distinctive composition in the website interface for each artist. ︎︎︎

Chaos and Precision is an Exhaustive, Perpetually Incomplete   Archive of the Graphic Design Practice of  Riley Hooker

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