The Crier, 2007
Editorial design for the 4th and last issue
of The Crier, a short-lived magazine project
done by two Jewish girls
with an imprint called Jewcy

Anecdotally, this was the first ‘real’ publication project I worked on. I had to drape myself over the armiture of Creative Director Mike Perry’s fantastic stylistic world, who hired me to work on it. That said, it was a very fun challenge and I think I was able to roll with it and carve out some interesting moment. Notably, excessive use of drop caps and text wraps.

Three years after I designed this the subscription form (yes, a cut-out, mail-in subscription form) was featured  in The Form Book by Borries Schwesinger, published by Thames & Hudson in 2010. To my knowledge this is the only printed design publication I have ever been featured in. I have always put a lot of care in to forms when I have to design them, because filling out a poorly considered form can be very stressful, so I guess I’m happy that someone noticed.

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