The Kitchen Gala, 2022
IDentity, motion and print design
for The Kitchen gala

with Rush Jackson and Rahul Shinde
for The Kitchen NYC

We had the honor of working with The Kitchen to design all materials for their annual gala, honoring two pioneering artists Lorriane O’Grady and George Lewis. It felt like a significant moment in The Kitchen’s history because they had recently appointed Legacy Russel as their director, and were about to begin renovations on their space in Chelsea. During the renovation period they would be moving to an interum space and working with a number of different spaces for their upcoming programming.

At the onset of the project, we were given access to The Kitchen’s archive to get a better understanding of what came before us. Apart from their logo changing a bit, the style of graphic design didn’t vary much, to the degree that it was often difficult to guess what decade things came from. We saw this as an opportunity to do something that felt distinctly of the time and place we were in. Having just come out of quarentine, we (for better or for worse) had all become accustomed to a lot more virtual interactions with art, and each other. We liked the idea of somehow signaling that, rather than try and distill two iconic and wildly different artist’s work down to a graphic style.

We started skewing type to create spatial depth, and devised a rotating carosel, a virtual architecture of sorts, that would become the central gesture.

We used the spatial skew approach on printed materials as well and introduced OCR-A, one of the first typefaces ever designed to be read by machines. 

The program doubled as a poster, featuring a matrix of documents from The Kitchen’s archive and the honoree’s past work, organized across a few key words. The same matrix (free of content) was used as a backdrop projection in the event space.

(Proper documentation of print materials to come)

Aaaaaand, we used a night mode version for the after party with Black Beyond.

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