Burkina Electric

for Canteloupe Music, 2009


Packing design for Burkina Electric’s album Paspanga released on Canteloupe Music in 2009. The art directions combines traditional fold art from burkina faso with psychedelic art

Burkina Electric was organized by Lukas Ligetti (yes, Gyorgi’s son) and combines traditional sounds from Burkina Faso with synthesized dance music. The art direction combines inspirations from the folk art of Burkina Faso and the vernacular design of late 90s rave flyers. Illustrations of traditional rain masks by artist Juan Betancurth are used throughout the design.

POST SCRIPTUM: One of the #rejectedbutloved proposals for this project featured an alphabet I drew inspired by this wooden sculpture from burkina faso. The type resurfaced over a decade later in a project for artist Jake Brush. save your rejects, ladies!

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