Creative Time Fellowship, 2008–2009
A selection of microsites designed and developped
for CREATIVETIME programs while working as
the innaugural Henry Pinkwater design fellow

designed while working UNDER Brenden Griffiths

Microsites designed for programs curated by Mark Beasley and others, for a wide range of artsts including Gensis Breyer P Orridge, Malcolm McLaren, Mika Rottenberg, Rameleze, No Bra, David Byrne and many others. It was a good time for art, and I learned a tremendous ammount.

More recently I designed another microsite for Creative Time’s Think Tank. It had been so long that no one on the staff even knew the fellowship I had done existed. Thankfully the internet has evolved significantly and I didn’t have to build that one.

POST SCRIPTUM: I had to design and hard code all of these websites. I kind of lied about my knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript to get the fellowship. Frankly, I would do it again, and have. Software is easy to learn, and so are the basics of front-end markup. That said I knew enough and was down to learn so I tought myself throughout the time (and many late nights) I worked with them. This was really how got my chops in that arena, which I still use often.

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