No Mans Land

with dbox for the PARK AVENUE ARMORY, 2009

PRINTED invitation WITH IRREGULAR HAND FOLDS designed for Christian Boltanski's installation No Mans Land at the Park Avenue Armory IN NEW YORK

The design evokes the discarded clothing used throughout the installation. Probably the first time I abandoned fussy typographic moves for a simple material intervention—something that is now pretty fundamental to my approach.

Post Scriptum: The design of this invite was so successful it cemented the PAA as a client for dbox. Despite the significant soul-sucking aspects of that job, I learned a tremendous amount about architecture, and had the pleasure of leading the redesign of PAA’s identity. As of Winter 2023 they are still using that identity to this day. And while it isn’t my favorite branding project I’ve done, it has stood the test of time and looks almost exactly as i intended to this day.

See the PAA Identity I designed here

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